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Trumpet Player

Solo Competition

The Austin Brass Collective will feature a solo competition for 7th-12th grade students. There is a $25 entry fee, and prizes will include cash as well as a high school grand prize winner will be featured during the March 5th Concert titled ABC: Unplugged playing their solo with accompaniment from members of ABC! Please note that attendance is required for prize consideration as prizes will be awarded during the evening concert.

Contest Eligibility

  • All Brass students in grades 7-12 may enter. Divisions will be split into grade level: Middle School (7th and 8th) and High School (9th through 12th).
  • All accompanied solos up to ten minutes in length will be accepted for the competition. All solos MUST have an accompaniment in the high school division. Finalists will have to submit a PDF of their solo and accompaniment
  • All winners must be in attendance at the March 5th Concert to receive prizes

General Rules

  • General Rules Applications and recordings must be received by 11:59pm Central Time on Sunday, January 29th.
  • Recordings should be one audio file, video recordings will not be accepted. The file name should be “composer-solo name” (i.e. Mozart-Concerto for Accordion). Submissions will be viewed anonymously, so please avoid placing your name on the file name or within the recording. Please do not speak during your recording.
  • Submissions may be played with or without piano accompaniment without bias from the judges.
  • If recording without an accompanist, please observe rests up to four measures (or 10 seconds) in length. Rests longer than four measures (or 10 seconds) should not be observed.
  • Submissions must be unedited performances; edited recordings will not be considered.
  • Winners will be announced by February 5th. The Grand Prize winner of the High School Division will be required to attend rehearsals on the evenings of March 3rd and 4th in preparation for a performance on March 5th with the ABC.
  • Finalists in the high school division will need to submit a piano score to their solo. Finalists will be notified individually after January 29th. 
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