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Austin Brass Collective

Thank you for your interest in the inaugural Austin Brass Collective Youth! Most high school students will play in marching band and concerts bands, but playing in a brass ensemble will be a unique and exciting experience for all involved. 

Each member of ABCY will get the opportunity to work with members of the ABC and sit alongside them for assistance in their musical growth.

Join us for the very first ABCY Concert on

Sunday, September 24th

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Tuition: $125 per semester.

Tuition fees for the ABCY will be collected at the beginning of each semester. 

Concert Season:

Fall: August - September

Spring: February - March

Optional Side-by-Side Concert in December


Music selections will be chosen from standard repertoire for brass ensembles and popular music.


  • There will be 4 rehearsals per concert cycle.

  • Rehearsals will be 2 hours long with a 10 minute break.

  • 2 of the rehearsals will have instrument specific sectionals with ABC Members for 1.5 hours.

  • Rehearsals will happen on Sunday afternoons

  • Location: TBD

Attendance Policy:

  • All musicians are expected at all rehearsals.

  • 1 absence will be allowed for sickness or an immovable scheduling conflict

  • Behavioral issues that hold back the group could be subject to dismissal from the concert cycle.

Audition Repertoire

Auditions for ABCY will consist of a recorded audition due by 11:59pm CST on December 15th.

Recordings must be unedited performances of the selected material. Edited performances will not be considered. 


Please do not speak in your recording or do anything to identify yourself to the judges. These auditions are anonymous. 


Please submit an audio file in mp3 format of your performance and name the file “ABCY Audition.” Do not include your name in the file title. Video submissions will not be accepted.

For the tenor trombone and euphonium etudes, do not take the D.S! Stop on the fermata at the bottom of each respective page. 

Austin Brass Collective Youth Application Form

1. Tell Us About You!


2. Upload Your Recording

Upload File

3. Submit Your Application!

Thanks for submitting!

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