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Amelia Rosenberger



"Amelia Rosenberger is a trombonist, yoga teacher, and private lesson teacher based in Austin, TX. After experiencing an overuse injury related to playing the trombone, she has dedicated her career to helping musicians relieve tension, pain, and performance anxiety through the practice of yoga. She believes it is important that musicians take care of both their bodies and minds in order to create sustainable careers. Amelia has taught her Yoga for Trombonists workshops all over the country, including presenting to the trombone studios of Northwestern University and the University of North Texas, and at the International Trombone Festival.

As a trombonist she won the American Trombone Workshop Division II National Solo Competition in 2015. In 2014 she was a winner in both the Chamber Music Tulsa Heckman Instrumental Competition and the Courtois Trombone Quartet Competition. Amelia received her Master’s degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, studying under Dennis Bubert. Her Bachelor’s degree is from Oklahoma State University where she studied with Paul Compton. Amelia is an Edwards Performing Artist and has written wellness articles for the International Trombone Association Journal."

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